Carina Riezebos started more than twenty years ago as an independent industrial designer and producer. Since 2010 she brings out products made of glass and crystal under her own label ‘Carina’. Imaginative sculptures and unique gallery pieces or daily appliances like bowls and vases. In her opinion there is no strict separation between ‘art’ and ‘appliance’, between art and design. Riezebos likes to play with the tension between the function of a product and its autonomous value. With creativity and her powerful design language, she lets design and art flow together in strikingly colourful and clear appliances, in which the process itself and how she relates to this, are the important values.

Apart from manufacturing her own collection, Riezebos works for other designers, artists and companies. In a cooperative production process she designs diverse collections for among others Royal Leerdam Glas, where she has been the chief designer since 2009. Since 2015, as art director of House Hermeta Holland, she develops collections of aluminium, also combined with glass. In all this cooperative work, she knows like no other how to merge the best of both worlds together.


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