With her sharp eye for design, colour and stratification, Carina Riezebos offers a very personal and narrative view on products. She possesses a lot of creativity and expertise to realize beautiful appliances with a strong personal contribution and a clear design. In her eyes the creation, the shape and the building with materials is pure magic; she even calls the whole process almost a religious one.The great passion and attention for materials has always been there, with a great preference for glass and crystal, because glass is not a ‘closed’ material, it is ‘transparent’. It gives her the opportunity to design from the inner form outwards and the other way round. To Riezebos glass is a metaphor of the human spirit; you can literally look through it and thus the material becomes accessible and offers a look into itself. This is her way of connecting with the vase, bowl or carafe that grows in her hands to personal and extraordinary personalities.The contrasts, united in the glass, make the material exiting; it is both strong and fragile, sharp and flexible. You can quickly mould it in its liquid state until the end result is a solidified moment in time. Working with glass is dynamic, it requires power and velocity. The material cannot be easily tamed, it challenges the designer and it is always exiting what the end result is going to be. Those characteristics fit the designer like a glove.

Riezebos likes to work with other experts, whether they are designers, artists or companies. As chief designer of Royal Leerdam she works intensively with experienced glassblowers. And as art director of House of Hermeta Holland she cooperates again directly with professionals like metal workers, with whom she skilfully moulds aluminium and glass into “design jewels.”

The designer never takes the position of an ‘independent artist’ in this teamwork. She puts creativity to the benefit of all in the knowledge that one is dependent on each other’s craftsmanship.

Each time it is as if she is opening a treasury with a key, she says. “All the pearls are within a company or within the people themselves. It is my role to make them look at the materials, shapes, colours and applications in a new and different way.”

In this sense Riezebos is a catalyst for innovative ideas that take other craftsmen along, step by step, into an adventurous process, from the first sketches to the special final product.


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